The Follador family “breeds” vines, and for many years now has transformed their fruits into the finest sparkling wines. The name “Follador “itself evokes the wine-making mission: ” folar la ua” ( to press the grapes) is the first fundamental step to get the must from the bunch of grapes, that then will mature into wine and sparkling wine

The owners, Renato and Sergio, work following the furrow of the great Valdobbiadene wine-making tradition, in which an had important role first their great-grandfather, then their grandfather and their finally their father Gaetano. During the eighties Gaetano imagined and built the new winery that stands, discreet, on a small turn on the top of the Cartizze hill.

It’s a bijou of a winery that bears the name of Gaetano: because of his impressive physics and wise good nature he has become an almost mythological figure in Valdobbiadene, earning the nickname of TANO RE ’. (KING TANO).