Wine-land by unanimous acknowledgment the Valdobbiadene is, together with the nearby Conegliano, the epicenter of the Prosecco phenomenon. Here in fact, between the pre-Alps of Veneto and the Piave river, during a tragic and hectic century as the Twentieth has been, the culture of Prosecco took root. Or better, the Prosecco specialization.
Conegliano, with the academies and the wine school, has contributed on the scientific side to enhance the quality of the viticulture in Valdobbiadene. Her multifarious hills, where a sea of vineyards lies, dotted here and there with lonely cottages, are of glacial origins and hide in their underground wealth a mineralogical complexity that instill in the grapes a unique flavor. Everything else is due to the work of the sun, of the wind and of the rain. And to the work of the men, so much work on the hard hills, all done with the industriousness and love that befit the guardians of a real natural treasure. Not to mention our meticulous attention to ensure that the joy our wine brings never runs out. Day by day the rows, running erratic among the hills, go on writing this beautiful story that we like to title “The invention of joy.”


The gold of the vineyards’ autumn leaves is the result of the work of the seasons and of the tenacious constancy of the winemakers. First comes the winter with its short days and the long nights of crisp cold, with the vineyards lying in the snow waiting for the first faint warmth of spring , when the time comes for the delicate bloom of the vines. Then is the time of the bold greens while the sun beats down like a hammer in the endless summer days, right there to flood the grapes with juicy sugars. And finally everything will fall blissfully into the sacred ritual of the harvest, when the crop devastates the vineyards so they can abandon themselves to their good winter sleep, regenerating so to be ready to repeat the same story year after year with renewed vigour, and with promises of endless joy.